Upcoming Events


Greetings from our Home to yours! 

Thank you for your tremendous support of our “virtual visits” allowing you to connect with your loved one via FaceTime or Skype. We are also most appreciative of your kind and encouraging words to all of the TCHW team!  Every great team needs loud and proud cheerleaders, and you are the best!  The Home continues to be COVID-19 “free” and we aim to keep it that way!

As a recap for those who may be new to receiving our advice, if you wish to arrange a “virtual visit”, it is as simple as emailing the following details to familyvisit@tchw.com:

-   For Facetime – we will need your iPhone cell number.

-   For Skype – we will need your Username, contact name and cell phone number (tied to your Skype account).

For those with whom we connected with last week, should you wish to participate in ongoing visits (and if not already arranged), please also be in touch with a quick note to familyvisit@tchw.com advising of your preferred weekday/time of day and we will do our best to accommodate. (Email confirmation will be provided to you, once we have completed our scheduling.)

We also invite you, if interested, to send us email messages to your loved one (again, initials only or first name and surname initial only), including (if you wish) photos or scanned drawings from little (or big) ones. We will print and deliver/read (if necessary) to its intended recipient. You may send your email to familyvisit@tchw.com. Please shrink the file size of your attachments to the smallest size possible so that we can successfully receive as many incoming notes of love as our email system will allow. If an old-fashioned card or letter sent through Canada Post is your preference, please do send (addressed to your loved one, c/o our mailing address – all address details are included in my signature lines below). 

Again, please keep safe and keep healthy!