Resident Information


To promote your adjustment, we will assist you in familiarizing yourself with The Home and the services available. We will introduce you to the staff and other Residents. We recommend that a family member or close friend accompany you on admission to help you settle into your new home. It is important for you to share with a staff member how you are feeling about your move and any concerns you have about the changes in your life. Communication is important. Any suggestions to make The Home a better place for all are welcome.


Your new home will be in a shared dwelling with fellow Residents (quad occupancy, double occupancy and single occupancy). Each room has a wheelchair accessible washroom that is equipped with a sink and toilet.
All rooms are bright and have large windows. To increase your comfort, feel free to bring personal belongings. Pictures and personal furniture (dependent on room configuration) can usually be accommodated. A comforter or small pillows will increase the "hominess" of your room. Also refer to Regular maintenance / painting and repairs are performed in each room on an on-going basis.

Electrical Appliances

Our Building Services Manager will check and approve the safety of all electrical appliances brought into The Home. Please advise your nurse, who will
ensure this check is completed as soon as possible.


All rooms are comfortably furnished with a bed, night table, chest of drawers, chair and a closet. You are encouraged to personalize your room with mementos and familiar items. Prior to bringing these items, please discuss with your nurse which items you wish to bring, to ensure the appropriateness and suitability. The labeling, cleaning and upkeep of these items will remain the responsibility of you, your family or representative. The Building Services Manager will arrange for all
pictures to be hung. Pictures should have plastic protection rather than glass.


The following is suggested for you to bring at the time of admission:

  • wheelchair, walker, or cane, if needed.
  • five (5) complete changes of clothes washable dresses, skirts, blouses, slacks, perma-press
  • Dry clean only items are not recommended.
  • sweaters
  • underwear, socks, stockings shoes with a firm sole and comfortable heel
  • slippers with rubber soles
  • pajamas, nightgowns
  • housecoat
  • seasonal outerwear
  • eyeglasses or hearing aid(s), if needed


  • toothpaste, toothbrush, denture cream, deodorant
  • hairbrush and comb, hair accessories
  • case for these items
  • electric razor, aftershave
  • facial and hand cream, facial tissues

Due to limited storage space, we would appreciate family members or representatives storing such items as luggage and seasonal clothing.


To avoid the breakage or loss of your possessions, valuables are best entrusted to your family or representative. Carrying of personal money, identification or storing money in your room is discouraged, unless limited to small amounts. The Home is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen articles. If you choose to have items of value you, your family or representative should obtain private insurance for these items.