About Us

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg

A pleasant, non-threatening "homelike" atmosphere is provided by The Home, responding to the needs and enhancing the lives of the Residents and their families. Support, understanding and empathy is extended to Residents, families, friends and staff through an open-door policy. Through its management practices and fair policies, The Home encourages the development of a team environment dedicated to providing care and services that achieve standards and strive for excellence. The Home continues to explore avenues to enrich the lives of individuals in the community when additional needs are identified. Staff are encouraged to participate in educational programs, and to be aware of current trends and changes in long-term care and community services. 

The Elm Tree Logo

Webster’s dictionary describes the elm tree as a tall, graceful deciduous shade tree with spreading branches, broad top, hard wood and tough roots.

More than Six decades ago, the Elm Tree was chosen for our logo as it symbolized The Home’s promise of providing shelter for our Residents.

“Tall”, “graceful”, “shade tree”:  the Elm provides a stately home in which Residents may feel “shaded” or protected from the changes and worries that occur in the later years of their lives.

“Deciduous”:  the Elm loses some of its elegance after the early seasons of its life, but then offers a period of reflection and peaceful dignity before the next season begins.   

“Spreading branches” and “broad top”:  the Elm “spreads” its arms wide to offer loving care to all who need assistance in the latter years of their lives.

“Hard wood”:  the trunk is sturdy to emphasize that The Home is well-built to provide the Residents with safety and security.

“Tough roots”:  the roots are well-formed, larger than normal and wide-spread to ensure that The Home has a firm foundat 


The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg was established in 1883. Originally, the function of The Home was the provision of convalescent care following hospital discharge.


The Home is an accredited facility by the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation.

Mission Statement

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg will provide a high quality of personal care and related health services to individuals who require long-term care and have been approved for admission to a personal care home for residence.

Vision Statement

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg is recognized as a leading provider of innovative, individualized programs and services that ensure the best quality of life within the long-term care community.

Values Statement

The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg believes that quality of life is based upon recognition of the uniqueness and the rights of an individual. These rights include: fulfillment of physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs; the need for meaningful creative activity; fellowship and privacy, and the right to be consulted in matters affecting personal health and welfare. Staff can be assured of a respectful work environment where personal growth is encouraged.

Family and/or Representative Guidelines

Within the scope of our efforts to nurture a "homelike" atmosphere, we recognize the important role the families, as caregivers, have in our Residents' daily lives. Families and representatives are highly valued and their involvement is always encouraged. Several special events including Resident / Family Information Evenings, Annual Summer Picnics, Mother's Day and Father's Day events and Christmas Dinners are held throughout the year to promote involvement.


Process Before your admission to The Home, you will be contacted by the Social Worker and visited by members of the staff, usually a nurse and a social worker. This visit provides you and your family with the opportunity to discuss plans for your care at The Home and to provide information that can help make the transition easier. Every effort will be made to plan for an admission date and time that is the most convenient for you.